Will Polymega hurt the Sega Mega Drive Mini in sales?

As many people know the Polymega and the Sega Mega Drive Mini are two of the biggest retro consoles that we are going to see released in 2019. While people have been waiting for the Sega Mega Drive Mini since 2018 the announcement of the Polymega is something that caught many people by surprise at E3 2019. In fact, the Polymega give players way more options in relation to gameplay than the Mega Drive Mini since they will have the opportunity to play video games from various different 80’s 90’s consoles such as NES, SNES, Sega Saturn, PS1, etc. In fact, the option to play old school Sega Genesis games will also be available to those who decide to purchase the Polymega for $249 as well. While the Polymega May be more expensive in America than the Sega Mega Drive Mini which will be priced at $79.99 it seems a like a bigger attraction as far as retro game systems are concerned.

The Mega Drive Mini was developed mainly to compete with the likes of the SNES Classic from September 2017 or the PS1 Classic released back in December 2018. However, the Mega Drive Mini definitely has several games that hardcore fans of the 16 bit console would still purchase. Also, the Sega Mega Drive Mini would also make for a great collectors item especially after its eventual discontinuation similar to that of the SNES Classic.

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