Square Enix reveals the release date for Final Fantasy VII: Remake!!!

For years now many people have waited for an official release date for Final Fantasy VII: Remake which is quite possibly the most anticipated RPG title of the 10’s decade. While many people were under the impression that Final Fantasy VII: Remake was going to be released sometime between 2018-2019 a few years back Square Enix had revealed at their E3 Conference that the game will not be available until Spring 2020. The exact release date for Final Fantasy VII: Remake is March 3rd of 2020 which is something people might be bummed about since they were expecting the game to appear in retail later 2019. However, the release of Final Fantasy VII: Remake will be well worth the wait following its March 2020.

Based on what we know this version of Final Fantasy VII will be a Action-RPG remake of the original title released in ’97 which went on to be the second-best selling game for the PS1. The PlayStation version of FFVII released in 1997 reached close to 10 million units worldwide and has a cult following due to its story and the popularity of characters such as Cloud Strife the main character along with Sephiroth the main villain and is regard as one of the greatest JRPG’s of all-time. Final Fantasy VII: Remake will be a PS4 exclusive that provides outstanding visuals since it was developed utilizing the Unreal Engine 4. The Final Fantasy VII: Remake has been on development since 2015 and its a game that seems like it has the potential to be the “Best RPG Game” of 2020. It will be interesting to see how successful the Final Fantasy VII: Remake become following its upcoming release this upcoming year in March 2020.

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