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Super Mario Odessey will be getting a Theater Mode in the near future!!!

As many people know Virtual Reality features that involves the Nintendo Labo VR will be coming soon to the Nintendo Switch and there are so many people who are excited to see what it has to offer. We recently just learned that Super Mario Odessey will now include a Theatre Mode were players will be able to what the intro of the game more in-depth. Also, the new Theater Mode will also allow players to rewatch the cutscenes of Super Mario Odessey after completing certain parts of the game which makes this 3D platformer even more appealing than it was following its initial release back in 2017. The Theater Mode for Super Mario Odessey will be available after the Labo VR update for the Nintendo Switch takes place on April 24th.

It should be noted that Super Mario Odessey will be the first game in the Mario series to have Virtual Reality features in general. While there are many people who wished for Nintendo to have more extensive gameplay for Super Mario Odessey this is the company’s first time utilizing Virtual Reality. Hopefully, we will get Virtual Reality features for titles such as Mario Kart 8: Deluxe & Super Mario Party in the future in relation to the Nintendo Labo VR.

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