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Kid Icarus and Star Tropics for the NES added to Nintendo Switch Online!!!

As far as the Nintendo Switch is concerned there has been more interesting news about hybrid console has been revealed as of late besides the Mario bundle deal that lasts from March 10th to March 16th. For those who are fans aloof retro gaming you will be happy to know that two NES classics from the 80’s Kid Icarus along with Star Tropics are now playable on Nintendo Switch Online. Despite, either game being as popular as Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda or the MegaMan series they are both games that some would say have high replay values. There is no doubt that retro 2D games are still somewhat of an attraction today seeing how indie video game developers come out with titles such as Celeste, The Longest Five Minutes and more.

While its possible that StarTropics and Kid Icarus could end up being overshadowed by indie games as far as the Switch console is console. Either way, seeing classic NES games on the Switch is good especially since it will attract more fans of retro gaming in general. Hopefully, Nintendo releases more NES and SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online in the future.

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