Will Metroid Prime 4 have more success than Metroid: The Other M?

As it currently stands one of the most highly anticipated video games for the Nintendo Switch right now is Metroid Prime 4. Ever since Metroid Prime 4 was teased at E3 2017 many people were expected Nintendo to release the game sometime during 2018 or sometime this year. But as we learned a couple of weeks ago Metroid Prime 4 had entered redevelopment and will now be created by Retro Studios the same developers who worked on the first three MP titles during the 2000’s. As far as three-dimensional games within the series is concerned the Metroid Prime games that were released between 2002-2007 were among the best that we have ever seen.

As cool as Metroid: Other M was following its Wii release back in 2010 the game was not quite on par with the past Metroid Prime that we got to see in the 00’s. If Retro Studios is going to be developing Metroid Prime 4 there is almost no question that it will end up becoming a better game than Metroid: Other M. Unfortunately, Metroid Prime 4 might not be released until 2021-2022 but hopefully we will see some type of trailer for the game at E3 2020 or even before then.

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