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Would a reboot of Zombie Ate My Neighbors be an attraction today?

As many people in Zombie Ate My Neighbors is considered to be a cult classic in relation to old school titles from the 16-bit era of gaming. Since its release back in the summer of 1993 there have been many people who argued that the Zombie Ate My Neighbors series should have continued but unfortunately the developer for the game LucasArts had stopped making video games around 2013. Since then, LucasArts has remained a video game publisher and licensor but the fact that Zombie Ate My Neighbors never became an action series is something that many people consider to be a mystery seeing how popular the game itself was.

While LucasArts was a publisher for Zombie Ate My Neighbors it should also be noted that Konami also had a part in publishing the game and they have expressed no interest on reviving the 2D run & gun classic. A 3D reboot of Zombie Ate My Neighbors would be very interesting but seeing how competitive it is today with shooter titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Doom: Eternal and others nobody would really be interested in seeing it.

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