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DBZ Action-RPG game currently in development!!!

As many people may have heard by now Bandi Namco has plans to release a new Dragonball Z Action-RPG title sometime later this year. As far as details are concerned there is still very little that we know about Bandi Namco’s upcoming Action RPG title in relation to the DBZ series. It has been said that we will eventually learn more this upcoming Action-RPG title towards the later part of this month when the Dragonball Fighter World Tour finals takes place. As far as what saga’s the DBZ Action-RPG will focus on is something that people are very anxious about.

While Dragonball FighterZ is very popular right now as a fighting game DBZ Super is one of the most high profile anime shows on Toonami right now. It will be interesting to see what saga/story arcs this upcoming DBZ Action-RPG title will focus on and whether or not the game will end up becoming as popular as Dragonball FighterZ following its release in the future.

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