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Could the PS1 have outsold the NES if it were released in the 80’s?

When we think about some of the most popular video game consoles within the past 30 years both the PS1 along with the NES are systems that comes to mind. While the NES was the best selling game console of the 80’s the same thing can be said about the PS1 in relation to the 90’s. Since its initial release in 1983 the 8-bit NES managed to sell over 61 million units worldwide and is considered to be more popular than both the SNES and the N64. While the NES did have some competition towards the late 80’s following the release of the Sega Mega Drive console it was not considered to be a serious Nintendo seeing how the company released the SNES in 1990.

If a console like the PS1 was released back in the 90’s then Nintendo would have definitely of had some set competition. Not only would the PS1 have been ahead of its time during the 80’s but companies such as Konami and Capcom would have most likely have chosen to do business with Sony over Nintendo in relation to games such as those within the Mega Man or Castlevania series. Also, the landscape of gaming would have been different if the PS1 came out back in the 80’s because its possible that we would have seen consoles such as GameCube and the PlayStation 2 in the 90’s opposed to the early 00’s.

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