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Super Mario 3D World (2013) vs Super Mario Maker (2015) which is more deserving for Switch console?

When it comes down to popular video games on the Nintendo Wii-U both Super Mario 3D World along with Super Mario Maker are big titles that instantly comes to mind. Both games were huge successes on a game system that was not nearly as successful as any other console that Nintendo has ever created and they are considered to be two of the best Mario related titles of the 10’s decade. The multiplayer gameplay for Super Mario 3D World along with the high resolution visuals was appealing to those who were long time fans of the Mario series in general. The option of playing with friends while being able to select Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad was pretty cool because it was reminiscent of Super Mario Bros 2 but with simultaneous multiplayer game with various world maps and challenging levels.

Super Mario Maker on the other hand was a game that required players to be very creative which is something that made it special. People were able to design their own levels using sprites and backgrounds from various Super Mario stages seen in older games in order to upload them online for others to play. While both Mario titles were huge attractions in the Wii-U There is not question that Super Mario 3D World sold more than Super Mario Maker did following its release reaching close to 6 million copies in sales. As far as which Mario title would probably have a bigger impact on the Nintendo Switch there are many would lean towards arguing in favor of Super Mario 3D World over Super Mario Maker.

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