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Is Boswer the greatest video game boss of all-time?

As many people know Bowser from the Super Mario Bros series has been considered a legendary villain figure in the gaming world for the past three decades. Despite, Bowser being a reoccurring antagonist in various Super Mario games throughout the past 30 years mainly with a similar plot involving him capturing Princess Peach and feuding with Mario it seems like Nintendo’s game involving the series is more popular than ever. With games like Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and more recently Super Mario Odessey all utilize the same formula in relation to the plot while adding new gameplay and gimmicks to each game who surprising appeals to older and current generation gamers.

While Bowser was never exactly a difficult boss character in most Super Mario games he is definitely more iconic than the likes of Dr. Eggman, Sephiroth and in some ways Ganondorf. Since Mario is still one of the big attractions in gaming history that would by default make Bowser one of the top bosses that the world has ever seen within the past three decades. But to say that Bowser is the greatest video game bosses of all-time is accurate to a degree but at the same time debatable.

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