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Will Nintendo’s next generation console have Virtual Reality gameplay?

When it comes down to gaming in general Nintendo has always found a way to reinvent themselves with their game consoles. The Wii console has nunchucks and a remote and most recently with the Nintendo Switch which give people the option to play as a handheld device or on their television. One thing we have yet to see from Nintendo is the inclusion of Virtual Reality gameplay on a major game system. However, to be fair Virtual Reality had started to become a few years ago when Sony had released the PlayStation VR back in October 2016. Also, there is no question that Virtual Reality gaming has yet to reach its peak in popularity and is something that is generally overshadowed by video games with online multiplayer gameplay these days.

As it currently stands it’s too early to tell whether or not Nintendo plans on having Virtual Reality gameplay as a feature on their next console. In fact, the Switch console has not even been out for three full years yet and Virtual Reality is something that Nintendo hardly ever talk about in general. But who knows over the next couple of years Virtual Reality gameplay will probably increase in popularity and Nintendo may take it under consideration to go head to head with Sony with their next generation console.

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