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Super Treasure Arena Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!

As the year comes to a close we still have a few more games that will be appearing on multiple game systems going into 2019. One of the few games that people are talking is one developed and published by Headup Games entitled Super Treasure Arena. For those who are unaware Super Treasure Arena was a top down arena shooter game that was initially released on Steam back in 2016. The 2D 16-bit graphics and gameplay is something that will Red appeal to retro gamers and is one that is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch Online eShop on December 24th.

Super Treasure Arena will support multiplayer gameplay with up to four people both online and locally which will be one of the few things that adds to the overall appeal of this game. It will be interesting to see how popular Super Treasure Arena will become shortly after its release on Christmas Eve. For those who are interested in purchasing Super Treasure Arena on December 24th it will be available for only $9.99.

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