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Could Soul Calibur V have been a success in arcade centers?

When we think about big fighting titles from the early 10’s one of the many games that instantly comes to mind is Soul Calibur V. Since its release Soul Calibur V has managed to sell at least two million copies worldwide and is considered one of the best entries within the series as far as gameplay is concerned. Seeing how popular Soul Calibur V was back in 2012 there are some who believe that such a game could of ended up becoming a massive success worldwide in arcade centers. In theory, Soul Calibur V could have been big in arcade centers in practice it could of ended being a different story.

For those who played Soul Calibur V you probably remember that characters within the game did not have an ending after completing arcade mode which was somewhat of a bummer. Also, the online multiplayer along with “Quick Battle” mode were the main attractions for Soul Calibur V aside from the story mode and without them the game could of ended up becoming a flop in comparison to its prequels. Besides arcade fighting games are not big attractions like they were back in the 90’s so having Soul Calibur V arcade cabinets would not have made too much sense anyways.

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