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Will Tekken X Street Fighter be released before 2020?

When it comes down to upcoming fighting titles that people have been waiting to see for years the highly anticipated Tekken X Street Fighter game comes to mind. As many people know Tekken X Street Fighter was reportedly put in hold by Bandi Namco which was revealed by Tekken game director Katsuhiro Harada back in 2016. Since then we have not heard to much about Tekken X Street Fighter and still have no exact release date for the game itself. However, Tekken X Street Fighter is expected to be released for the PS4 sometime in future and if the game does not come out until 2020 then it might as well be saved for the PlayStation 5.

Tekken X Street Fighter is a fighting title the gaming world has been waiting to see since 2012 back when Street Fighter X Tekken was released for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. As it currently stands the only characters confirmed for this upcoming crossover 3D fighting title are Ryu, Evil Ryu, Jin and Devil Jin. Also, Tekken X Street Fighters is still in developmental hell and does not have a plot or a full roster of characters just yet. Its possible that we might hear more about Tekken X Street Fighter next year quite possibly at E3 2019 event.

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