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Was Aladdin an underrated video game for the Sega Genesis?

As many people know one of the biggest Disney movies from the early 90’s Aladdin was very popular following its release in movie theaters in November 1992. The following year in ’93 Aladdin was released for the Sega Genesis and since then was also ported for various game systems including the NES, Game Boy, DOS and Amiga. Since its release Aladdin was critically acclaimed for the following its release for the Sega Genesis and managed to sell at least 4 million units worldwide making one of the most successful games on that console aside from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The gameplay for Aladdin was creative especially since players had the ability to collect gems in order to exchange them for lives that would help players complete the game itself.

Out of all the versions of Aladdin which came out since ’93 many would argue that the Sega Genesis port was superior than any other port in general. The fact that Aladdin never received an official SNES port is something that many people question to this day. Despite, how popular Aladdin was back in the early 90’s there were so many games on the SNES such as Mega Man X, F-Zero and others that could have easily overshadowed a SNES version of Aladdin which is probably one of the reasons why it never happened.

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