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Sony skipping E3 event in 2019?

It has been recently announced that Sony will most likely be skipping the E3 event 2019 despite their appearance this year which has many people talking right now. There are no specifics on why Sony has made the decision to pull out of the upcoming E3 2019 event. However, it has been noted that a representative of Sony had made it clear that the company seeks new methods on pursuing in relation to customer interaction. Sony skipping the E3 2019 event is a rather interesting turn of events because there were upcoming games such as the Final Fantasy VII: Remake that many people were looking forward to hearing about or even seeing next year.

It was also revealed recently that Sony had decided to cancel its annual PlayStation Experience event which normally starts at the beginning of December. The PlayStation Experience event normally showcases upcoming video games for Sony’s game consoles. It’s going to be interesting to see what direction Sony decides to take in relation to interacting with their customers especially considering how big next year is going to be in relation to upcoming video games for the PS4 in general.

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