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Could the Street Fighter II series have been popular in the 80’s?

As many people know the Street Fighter II series was very popular back in the 90’s for consoles such as the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis along with the PSX. The gameplay and the high quality 16-bit quality graphics made Street Fighter II a huge attraction on the consoles of the 90’s and there are many who believe that the game could have became more popular during the 80’s if 16 bit gaming was big during that decade. While the Mega Drive was released back in 1988 it would be difficult to see the Street Fighter II series becoming popular on the NES game console due to inferior graphics. There is no question that the Street Fighter II series could have been more popular during 80’s.

However, in the 80’s it seemed like the best em up genre of gaming with titles like Final Fight which came out in 1989 were more popular. While the head to head fighting genre of gaming did not become popular until the early 90’s a 16-bit Street Fighter II game would still have been an attraction on the Mega Drive during late 80’s would have been pretty cool.

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