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Should Grand Theft Auto V be ported to the PlayStation 5?

As far as big titles for the PlayStation 4 concerned there is no question that Grand Theft Auto V was one of the most popular games to have been featured on that console. Ever since, its release back in 2013 Grand Theft Auto V has managed to 45 million copies worldwide on multiple game consoles and is arguably the best installment in the entire GTA series. There are some who believe that Grand The Auto V Should be re-released for the PlayStation 5 following it release due to the likelihood that the console itself may not be backwards compatible. Also, there has been a lot of speculation on whether or not there will be a Grand Theft Auto VI in the near future.

As many people know there has been debates about whether or not making a Grand Theft Auto VI based on the Trump-era would be too controversial. While we still have yet to learn the details about the PlayStation 5 including its release date Grand Theft Auto V would be one many titles that gamers would love to see on this next generation console sometime in the near future.

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