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Upcoming Switch Games- Super Hydorah: (2018)

There are so many big games that the world is looking forward to seeing next year in 2019. However, there are still some games that will be coming our way as this year comes to a close and one of them is a 2D shoot em up title called Super Hydorah a title which was initially released back in 2017 on Steam. Super Hydorah was developed by Abylight Studios, Locomalito and Gryzor87 and its an interesting game because it has many features that will contribute to the overall replay value of the game itself. Super Hydorah has at least 20 different levels with 35 bosses along with a non-linear level layout which was something that was not too common in 2D arcade shoot em up titles back in the early 90’s.

As it currently stands Super Hydorah is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch eShop on November 15th. If you are a retro gamer and were fans of shoot em up titles such as the R-Type series than you will love Super Hydorah despite its level of difficulty. It will interesting to see how popular Super Hydorah becomes on the Nintendo Switch following its release on November 15th.

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