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Should Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle have been ported for PS1?

When it comes down to old school arcade fighting titles from the 90’s that deserved some type of console release during that decade the Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle game from ’93 is one of the many games that instantly comes to mind. The 2D graphics for DBZ2: Super Battle looked so crisp and the fast paced gameplay was something that made it standout from other Dragon Ball Z titles such as Ultimate Battle 22 and Final Bout which were both released for the PS1 between ’95-’97. In fact, Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle sounds like a game that could have worked on the PS1 sometime between the ’94-’95 time period.

There is no question that DBZ2: Super Battle was one of the best Dragon Ball Z fighting titles of the 90’s along with the likes of Hyper Dimension, Butoden 2 and Butoden 3. Dragon Ball Z2: Super Battle could have definitely been a huge attraction on either the PS1 or even the Sega Saturn during ’94-’95 time period especially considering how big the series was starting to become going into ’98 right before the television series became extremely popular on Toonami. As far as 2D arcade fighting titles are concerned some people would consider Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle an underrated gem despite its level of difficulty back in the day.

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