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Will Fire Emblem: Three House reach over one million units in sales?

In relation to upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch one of the many titles that everyone is talking about right now is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The game is a tactical RPG which is currently set to appear sometime in the second quarter or 2019 and there is still very little we know about the game since its reveal trailer from E3 2018. While we did see footage of Fire Emblem: Three Houses there have been other discovers about the game that has been made. In FE: Three Houses we have discovered that people can move their characters around freely to explore different areas as the setting takes place in a fictional world known as Fodlan.

Commanding troops in battle along with a robust combat system that includes actions such as: Magic, Attack and Combat Arts looks rather interesting along with the visuals and mechanics of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Seeing how popular Fire Emblem: Warriors was on the Nintendo Switch back in 2017 there is no doubt that the series is still an attraction after being around for almost 30 years. FE: Warriors had reported managed to sell at least one million copies worldwide since its release and seeing how highly anticipated Fire Three Houses is for the Nintendo Switch it can possibly sell even more within a short period of time.

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