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Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy will now be backwards compatible with the Xbox One

As far as upcoming releases are concerned in relation to 2018 blockbuster news was recently announced regarding the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. For those who have played Final Fantasy XIII, FFXIII-2 and Lighting Returns between ’09-’13 you will be happy to know that each game will be be backwards compatible with the Xbox One on November 13th. In fact, Microsoft had revealed this info regarding the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy at their XO18 in Mexico City just recently which was something that caught the gaming world by surprise.

However, there some people who are not surprised by the announcement regarding the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy being playable on the Xbox One. After all, its well noted that Square Enix was bringing older games within the Final Fantasy series such as FFVII, FFX, FFXII along with FF Crystal Chronicles to the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. In fact, some people were probably expecting FFXIII to eventually be one of the many games that would be playable on the Nintendo Switch. But then again, was a more recent entry in the Final Fantasy series compared to titles that came before it.

The visual quality of Final Fantasy XIII would most likely be more superior on the Xbox One opposed to the Nintendo Switch if Square Enix actually tried to port it. Besides porting all three Final Fantasy XIII titles to the Nintendo Switch would probably be very time-consuming for Square Enix overall. Despite, Final Fantasy XIII trilogy not being the most popular games within the series it’s still very exciting to know that those titles will now be playable on a current generation console. The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy will not be playable for the PlayStation 4 unless Square Enix decides to make separate ports of each game for that console.

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