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Could Shining Force III have been more successful on the PS1?

As many people may know the Shining series is considered to be legendary within the gaming world. While the Shining series is not quite as popular as other RPG series such as Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star they were still fun to play on Sega consoles back in the 90’s. Out of all of the games within the Shining series Shining Force III was probably the most underrated following its release for the Sega Saturn back in ’97. But as we all know the Sega Saturn was not as popular in America as consoles such as the PS1 or the Nintendo 64 between the mid and late 90’s. Some believe that if Shining Force III was ported to the PS1 it could have been more popular than it was back in the mid 90’s.

However, it was during that time period where Sega was still a major competitor within the console wars. Games such as Shining Force III were meant to compete with the likes of the Final Fantasy series was generally featured on the PS1. Seeing that Shining Force III came out the same year as Final Fantasy VII there was no way Shining Force III would have stood out as a top RPG on the PS1 back in the mid 90’s. Despite, being overshadowed during in the mid 90’s many people would not mind seeing a potential HD Remake of Shining Force III ir even a sequel for that matter.

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