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Could Skies of Arcadia have been more successful on the PS2?

As many people know Skies of Arcadia was one of the most poorly RPG titles of the early 00’s to have never appeared on the PS2. Bin fact, since it initial release back in October 2000 Skies of Arcadia had only appeared on the Sega Dreamcast along with the Nintendo GameCube. Seeing how well received Skies of Arcadia was by fans and critics along with how poor the PlayStation 2 was back then it would have made since to bring the RPG to that console sometime in late 2000-early 2001. The RPG genre of gaming was very popular in the early 00’s especially the ones that were in 3D.

Also, the early 00’s was a time period where the shooter genre has yet to achieve mainstream popularity. Skies of Arcadia could have definitely have shined on the PS2 especially since it was a console that more people in countries like America and Japan started to turn to. In fact if Overworks & Sega has ever decided to produce a direct sequel to Skies of Arcadia back in the early 00’s the PS2 console would have been perfect especially since Sega ended up discontinuing the sales of Dreamcast consoles back in 2001.

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