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Should Nintendo have released the Wii-U in 2013?

As many people know the Nintendo Wii-U was not considered to be the most popular game system that the company has ever made. In fact, the Wii-U is quite possible the most unpopular Nintendo based game system ever created especially since it sold far less than its ’06 predecessor known as the Wii. While the Nintendo Wii managed to sell over 101 million units worldwide the Wii-U failed to reach 10 million in sales and is considered to be a flop for multiple reasons including high pricing along with stiff competition. There are some who argue that if Nintendo had initially released the Wii console a year later that it could have possibly of been more successful.

But seeing that both the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One were released during the later part of 2013 its possible that the Wii-U could have ended far selling less than what it did due its first week of that had happened. Either way, the Wii-U suffered from stiff competition against the PS4 and the Xbox One which is why the sales for this console was very poor.

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