As of right the PlayStation 4 is currently the best selling game console in retail right now. Since its release back in Fall 2013 the PS4 has managed to reach 82 million units worldwide in sales surpassing the likes of the Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii-U. While the PlayStation 4 has not sold as much as the PlayStation 2 which hit approximately 155 million in sales there are many who question whether or not the console reach at least 90 million units before 2020. With games like Monster Hunter: World, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 the PlayStation 4 is a game system that everyone wants to own before Sony releases the PS5.

Also, there are still so many games that the world is looking forward to seeing such as Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Shenmue III and others that could definitely help the overall sales of the PS4 seeing that those titles can be huge attractions for those who do not own a PS4 and want to purchase one. Also, with the holiday season coming up in relation to Black Friday and Christmas it will be the perfect time for people to purchase the PS4 which will lead to a significant increase in sales for the console between now and next year. While its possible that the PS4 can hit 90 million units worldwide in sales has of right now its hard to tell whether or not it will actually happen.

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