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Will Metro Exodus have more success than Metro: Last Light?

One of the hottest shooter games that many people are looking forward to seeing next year is Metro: Exodus developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. Metro: Exodus is expected to appear on the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One in February 2019 on the 22nd. As of right now there are gamers buzzing about whether or not Metro: Exodus will have more success than its prequel Metro: Last Light which first appeared on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows back in 2013. While the original version of Metro: Last Light was enjoyable some preferred the 2014 remastered version of the game Metro: Last Light Redux which came out for the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One.

The Metro: Redux package which included remastered versions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Light has reportedly sold at least 1.5 million copies worldwide which is impressive. Based on what we know the script for Metro: Exodus will be longer than Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light combined and with the inclusion of more superior gameplay & graphics from the last two games its almost guaranteed that this upcoming game will be a huge success. It would not be much of a surprise if Metro: Exodus sells over 1.5 million copies worldwide within year for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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