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Will Super Mario Galaxy ever appear on the Nintendo Switch?

As many people might already know its been over 10 years since Super Mario Galaxy appeared on the Nintendo Wii back in November 2007. Super Mario Galaxy was probably the most popular 3D Mario game of the 2000’s decade and is a game that managed to reach over 12 million units worldwide in terms of sales. There is no question on whether or not Super Mario Galaxy deserves to be released for the Nintendo Switch. However, there has been no announcements or plans in relation to Super Mario Galaxy coming to the Switch console anytime in the near future.

After all, there is always the possibility that Super Mario Galaxy could be overshadowed by Super Mario Odessey which is one of the best selling Mario games of all time for the Nintendo Switch. To be quite honest Super Mario Galaxy is better off as a Wii exclusive but seeing on the Switch would be awesome despite the fact that its unlikely to ever happen.

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