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Will Super Smash Bros Ultimate be the best selling fighting game of 2018?

As many people know one of the hottest multiplayer fighting titles that is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch in the future is Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This game is one that the world has been waiting to see ever since Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS/Wii-U was released back in 2014. As of right now its very hard to tell whether or not Super Smash Bros Ultimate Will ended up becoming the best selling fighting title for 2018. We seen titles throughout the year such as Dragonball Fighters and SNK: Tag Team Frenzy which were both interesting games.

But as far as the Nintendo Switch is concerned there is no doubt that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will reach at least one million units in worldwide sales within a year especially due to the upcoming holiday season. While Super Smash Bros Ultimate has the potential to be best fighting game of 2018 it could be heavily rivaled by other games such as Jump Force and Soul Calibur VI in 2019.

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