As many people know it’s been years since we have seen a major Castlevania game on a home based Nintendo console. Over the past many Castlevania games have been appearing on PlayStation or Xbox based consoles. When the Castlevania series first started back in the 80’s Konami had developed memorable classic for the 8 bit NES console along the 16 bit SNES & Sega Genesis game system in the early 90’s. Those classics along with Lords of the Shadow 1 & 2 were interesting games within the series that fans of the series would love to see on the Nintendo Switch.

However, Konami has not announced any plans on bringing older Castlevania titles to the Nintendo Switch for reasons that are unknown to many people. While some might agree that the series reached its peak back in the 90’s while the recent games have not been all that great many people would still like to see remakes for titles such as Symphony of the Night on the Nintendo Switch. But if Konami decides to go with more recent titles within the series in relation to potential ports for the Nintendo Switch then Lords if Shadow 1 & 2 should definitely be games that are on top of the list.

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