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Could Operation C have been more successful on the NES?


When it comes down to titles within the Contra series over the past three decades Operation C is arguably the most overlooked game in general. For those who do not know Operation C was released back in 1991 for Game Boy. Operation C was the first ever game within the Contra series to be featured on a handheld game system and was a title that fans of the series enjoyed during that time period. Despite, being a single player game along with having black & white visuals Operation C featured some unique gameplay in relation to certain stages.


Stages 1, 3 & 5 were basic side-scrolling shooter levels while 2 & 4 has a top down perspective which made Operation C interesting especially for a handheld game system during the early 90’s. However, seeing how Contra III: The Alien Wars was released for the SNES the following year in ’92 Konami most likely saw no point in releasing Operation C for the NES especially since the 8-bit console was starting to get old around that time. But in terms on whether or not Operation C could have been more successful on the NES than Game Boy is highly debatable. In all, honesty having Operation C NES opposed to Game Boy could have definitely made the game standout more during the early 90’s.

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