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Could Kirby’s Dream Land have been more successful on the NES?


When it comes down to Game Boy classics from the early 90’s that was very popular Kirby’s Dream Land is one of the many titles to come to mind. Kirby’s Dream Land was first released back in the summer of 1992. Ever since its release Kirby’s Dream Land has managed to sell over 5.1 million copies worldwide. Not only did the game manage to sell over 5 million copies worldwide but it also surpassed the likes of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Deluxe and Donkey Kong Land.


Kirby’s Dream Land definitely had the potential to be big on the NES back in ’92. The only issue the fact that the 8 bit NES was beginning to decline in popularity during the time because of more advanced game systems such as the Sega Genesis and the Super NES. If Kirby’s Dream Land was released for the SNES opposed to Game Boy back in the early 90’s it could have possibly became more popular than it was. But then again we did get Kirby’s Adventure the following year for the NES back in ’93. If Kirby’s Dream Land was released for the NES in ’92 there is a good chance that it may not have sold as much as it did for Game Boy.

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