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Should Bahamut Lagoon be re-released for the Nintendo Switch?


When it comes down to 2D role playing video games one of the biggest titles to have never been released outside of Japan during the 90’s was Bahamut Lagoon. For those who do not know Bahamut Lagoon was developed by Square Enix and released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in February 1996. Since its initial release Bahamut Lagoon has been playable on the Wii & Wii-U Virtual Console during the early 10’s. However, Bahamut Lagoon despite being a critically acclaimed tactical role playing game has only remained in Japan and never came to America.


Its been over twenty years since Bahamut Lagoon was first released and having such a game on the Nintendo Switch would definitely be an attraction in the US. Shortly, after its initial release in Japan Bahamut Lagoon had reportedly sold over 474,000 copies within a year back in 1996. Having this RPG classic on the Nintendo Switch preferably as a part of the console’s online service would be big. However, there has been no talk of Square Enix bringing Bahamut Lagoon to the Nintendo Switch in any way since the company has been focusing on bigger projects as of late.

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  1. It will probably be released when the new Virtual Console comes, but only in Japan ofc, a game like this will probably never be localized


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