Will We See a Super Mario 3D World 2 On The Nintendo Switch?


When it comes down to Nintendo games that deserves a direct sequel Super Mario 3D World is one of the top titles that comes to mind. Since its initial release for the Nintendo Wii-U back in November 2013 Super Mario 3D World has managed to sell over 5.7 million units worldwide. In fact, Super Mario 3D World is considered to be one of the best selling games for the Nintendo Wii-U behind Mario Kart 8 which sold over 8.4 million units worldwide. Super Mario 3D World was arguably one of the best multiplayer platform titles that we have seen throughout the 10’s decade and had such high replay values due to how challenging the game was in general.


There have been chat sites and gaming communities that have been vocal about having Super Mario 3D World ported to the Nintendo Switch for over the past year now. But seeing how popular Super Mario 3D World was a few years ago there is absolutely no question that Nintendo should create a sequel for the multiplayer platformer. Super Mario 3D World is way too popular for Nintendo to not follow up on.

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