Could the original Starfox game have worked on the NES?

There is no doubt that Starfox for the SNES was a Classic back in the early 90’s. Ever since, Star Fox was released back in 1993 the game has been a massive success and had managed to sell at less four million copies worldwide on the SNES. Seeing how popular Star Fox was during the 90’s for the SNES there are some who question whether or not the game could have been as popular on the NES during the 80’s. Seeing what an 8-bit version of Star Fox would have looked like on the NES would have been interesting. However, without the use 3D like graphics which added to the appeal of the original Star Fox game an NES version would have been boring.

In fact if the original Star Fox game started off on the NES it could off ended up being a generic 8 bit top down shooter. The sales for an NES version of Star Fox would not have been nearly as good as it was on the SNES. Without 3D graphics and gameplay it’s almost impossible to imagine what a Starfox game would look like in general.

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