Upcoming Switch Games- Moonfall: Ultimate (2018)

There are so many games that the world is looking forward to as we get closer to 2019. One of the many games people are talking about for the Nintendo Switch is an action adventure RPG entitled Moonfall Ultimate. For those who are unaware Moonfall Ultimate is a game developed by Fishcow Studio and published by Wales Interactive Ltd. Moonfall Ultimate is a 2D side scrolling Fantasy fiction RPG set in an industrial gothic universe. With an exciting campaign mode along with co-op two player gameplay Moonlight Ultimate will provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience.

Moonfall Ultimate includes over ten different challenging levels along with a robust combat system along with seemingly countless items that players can collect and utilize throughout the game. Also,players will have the ability to choose between three different classes such as Shadow, Vanguard or Elementails with each one having their own set of unique abilities. Moonfall Ultimate is expected to appear this Fall on the Nintendo Switch on September 4th. For Switch owners who are into 2D side scrolling RPG’s Moonfall Ultimate is a title worth checking out in September.

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