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Did the Gran Turismo series put the racing genre of gaming on the map?


I There is no doubt that the Gran Turismo series is legendary within in the racing genre of gaming. Ever since the very first Gran Turismo game was released for the PS1 back the late 90’s it seemed like many high profile racing titles had began to emerge throughout the 00’s. Such games such as the Forza Motorsport series, Race Driver: Grid and the Midnight Club series had emerged in the 2000’s as Gran Turismo continued to grow in popularity. In fact Polyphony Digital best selling game in the series was Gran Turismo 3 which was released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 back in 2001.


Gran Turismo 3 not only managed to be arguably the best selling racing game of its series but it was probably sold more than another racing title during the 90’s & 00’s decade. The fact that Gran Turismo 3 managed to surpass the original game that released on the PS1 is insane especially it was the best selling game on 32 bit console by reaching close to 11 million units in sales. While many people have different opinions about the Gran Turismo series its level popularity is unquestionable and it continues to be one of the biggest racing franchises that the gaming world has ever seen.

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