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Does Chrono Cross deserve an HD Remake for the PS4?

When it comes down to underrated role playing games for the PS1 there are a couple of titles that comes to mind such as Chrono Cross. For those who do not know Chrono Cross was the highly anticipated sequel to Chrono Trigger which was released back in 1999. Seeing how popular Chrono Trigger was following its release on the SNES back in 1995 along with the fact that it has been ported to various other game systems it seems like Chrono Cross has never be re-released on any other console outside of the PS1. But than again Chrono Cross was not quite as popular as Chrono Trigger was back in the 90’s as well either.

Despite, Chrono Cross not being as popular as its predecessor this title was still critically acclaimed by various gaming publications such as Electronic Gaming Monthly, GameSpot, IGN and more for being a high quality RPG classic for the PS4. Its been almost 20 years since Chrono Cross appeared on the PS1 and seeing on the PlayStation 4 in 2019 would be something that would turn many heads within the gaming world. However, there has been no talk whatsoever about Square Enix making an HD Remake of Chrono Cross so it’s questionable whether or not it will ever happen in the future.

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