It has been recently revealed that Kingdom Hearts III will be one many upcoming games that will be seen at E3 2018. This is exciting news considering the fact that it Square Enix announced a couple of years ago at E3 2013 that Kingdom Hearts III was still under development at that time. It will also be cool to see Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2018 especially considering the fact that the game is almost thirteen years in the making.

Ever since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 back in 2005 many people have waited for Square Enix to develop Kingdom Hearts 3. Some of the thing we currently know about Kingdom Hearts 3 is that the setting will take place following the events of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance while having Sora return as the main character of the game. Sita is joined by popular Disney characters Goofy and Donald Duck to prevent another Keyblade War from being started by returning antagonist Master Xehanort.

There are many exciting features that will be on Kingdom Hearts 3 including new keyblade summons, five person parties, character summons, theme park ride summon attacks and more. Also, the inclusion of new worlds based on popular Disney movies such as Big Hero 6 and Toy Story is something that really adds to the appeal of Kingdom Hearts 3 as we move closer to E3 2018. For those who do not know the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo starts on June 12th and ends on June 14th. It will be interesting to see what else will be revealed at E3 2018 this upcoming month.

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