Was having less cars in Gran Turismo Sport a good idea?

Gran Turismo Sport

There are so many good things about Gran Turismo Sport as a racing title that would easily make it the best game within its genre for the year 2017.  Almost everything from the visuals to the gameplay all the way down to the sound effects makes Gran Turismo Sport a great racing game for the PlayStation 4.  One of the few things that many people have questioned about Gran Turismo Sport includes the quantity of cars included in the game.  When we look at Gran Turismo 6 which was released back in December 2013 the game had approximately 1200 cars that players could choose from.  Also, other racing games such as Forza Motorsport 7 reportedly has over 700 cars that players could choose from.

Gran Turismo Sport (2).jpg

While having over 170 cars in Gran Turismo Sport seems like a step a bit of a drawback from what can be considered a solid racing game there are some who believe the overall quality of the game compensates for this feature.  After all, Gran Turismo Sport has already managed to sell over one million units worldwide since its release back in October 2017.  Also, there is always a possibility  that Polyphony Digital will add more cars as downloadable content in 2018.

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