Could Final Fantasy XII have worked for the Nintendo Gamecube?


When it comes down to RPG classics of the 00’s Final Fantasy XII is one of the many games that people think about.  Ever since Final Fantasy XII came out in 2006 the game had managed to sell close to six million units worldwide on the PlayStation 2.  The fact that Final Fantasy XII was a PS2 exclusive during the mid 00’s was probably one of the main reasons why it was a huge success. But despite how popular Final Fantasy XII was on the PS2 there are some people who wondered whether or not it could have worked on the Nintendo Gamecube or even the Wii which came out in November 2006.  There are some who argue that in terms of quality the Nintendo Gamecube was just as good as the PS2.  However, when it came down to memory and data storage the PS2 was arguably better than the Nintendo Gamecube.

Final Fantasy XII (5)

Also, when it came down to popularity the Nintendo Gamecube was not quite on the same level as the PS2.   However, considering that most of the Final Fantasy games were featured mainly on PlayStation consoles starting with FFVII in the 90’s it does not come as much of a surprise that Final Fantasy XII was a PS2 exclusive.  While Final Fantasy XII could have worked for the Nintendo Gamecube in theory its questionable in terms of how well it would have done in sales in comparison to the PS2 during the mid 00’s.

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