Should Nintendo make a new game for Luigi?

There are Luigi based games that Nintendo has produced in the past that were interesting from Mario’s Missing all the way down to Luigi’s Mansion that many people enjoyed.  While Super Mario Odyssey is very popular for the Nintendo Switch there are some who wonder if we will ever see a Luigi game for the hybrid console in the future.  

When Luigi’s Mansion was released in the early 00’s for the Nintendo GameCube the game had managed to sell over 3 million units worldwide.  Not only did Luigi’s Mansion have an arguably better plot than Super Mario Sunshine but it was one of those games that exceeded the expectations of people who are long time fans of the Super Mario series.   If Nintendo ever decides to make s new Luigi game for the Switch it would definitely turn a lot of heads.  However, the idea of having a new Luigi game if it ever happens would be better off if it were released a few years from now especially since the spotlight is on Super Mario Odyssey right now. 

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