Could Ranger X have worked on the SNES? 

When it comes down to run and gun titles for the Sega Genesis Ranger X is considered to be a lost gem that does not get mentioned as much as it should.  Ranger X was one of those games that had the potential to evolve into a series that could have lasted throughout the 90’s decade.  However, Ranger X looks like a game that probably could have worked on the SNES as well.  

In the eyes of some people the gameplay of Ranger X was a bit fast paced as a side scrolling run and gun title.  The Super Nintendo did not have too many memorable fast paced run and gun titles aside from the Mega Man X trilogy.  Also, the Super Nintendo really did not have too many games like Ranger X in general.   If Ranger X was ever released for the SNES back in the 90’s it could have easily been overshadowed by many other classic games  that are now featured on the SNES Classic.  

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