What was the most difficult beat em up game of the 90’s?

bare knuckle 3 team - Streets of Rage Wallpaper 20276639 - Fanpop.jpg

When it comes down to difficult beat em up games Streets of Rage III/Bare Knuckle III was almost impossible to beat when it was first released in the early 90’s.   Unlike it predecessor Streets of Rage II & II  SOR III had a more intense soundtrack along with artificial intelligence that would make veterans of the beat em up genre seem like rookies.  It seemed like each stage in Streets of Rage III was unbelievably long and there were too many ways that players could die on each level.  The boss battle at the end of the second stage against Mona and Lisa was very hard especially if one had to complete the game by themseleves.


Even though, there were multiple endings in Streets of Rage 3 some people were lucky to even make it to the fourth stage let along complete the game in its entirety.  Along with games such as Battletoads Streets of Rage III was definitely one of the hardest beat em up games that we have ever seen on the Sega Genesis.   Some people would say that the third Streets of Rage game makes Final Fight III look simple in terms of difficulty.


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  1. I can beat Streets of Rage 3 ‘just’. There are 3 blooming endings and the good ending is next to impossible, then there is a bad ending and an even worse ending. I can only get the worst ending where you take too long fighting the final boss.

    I like Knights of the Round for difficulty, it has a nice block mechanic that makes it a little Dark Soulsy.

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