Would the Game Boy Advance have been more popular in the 90’s?

game boy advance sp.jpg


When it comes down to handheld game devices the Game Boy Advance is one of the most popular names that we have ever seen in the gaming industry.  The original Game Boy Advance along with the Advance SP was wonderful and allowed people to play so many 32 bit games which consisted of remakes of titles that were popular during the 80’s and the 90’s.  In fact, the release of the Game Boy Advance makes some people wonder what it would have been like if it was released during the 90’s.  While Sony released the 32 bit PlayStation game Nintendo had skipped over 32 bit graphics and moved directly to 64 bit graphics with launch of the Nintendo 64 in 1996.    As a handheld gaming device the Game Boy Advance would have done great since Nintendo’s portable games were top of the line in terms of quality in comparison to its competitors.



If Nintendo had made an actual 32-bit console to compete with the original Sony PlayStation it would probably be as popular as the Nintendo 64 but not still not quite as popular as the PS1.  When the original Game Boy was released in the early 90’s followed by the Game Boy Color in the late 90’s they were both pretty popular even though the visual quality it provided was not quite as powerful as the Game Boy Advance.   However, looking at how good Nintendo is doing in terms of portable gaming consoles it probably would not have made a difference if the Game Boy Advance was released back in the 90’s or not..

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