Sega Saturn (2).jpg

When it comes down tot he Sega Saturn many people see it as one of the most underrated game systems of the 90’s.  The Sega Saturn deserved better in terms of marketing in countries like America with the release of so many exciting games such as Dreams into Nights, Daytona USA, Shining the Holy Ark, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter and many more.  Despite, how cool some of the Sega Saturn games were we rarely ever hear news about remakes or re-releases regarding Sega Saturn classics which is actually a shame.  As a 32 bit console the Sega Saturn was arguably better in quality than the original Sony PlayStation.


To say that Sega Saturn games have been completely forgotten would not be entirely true because there are some retro gamers who are familiar with some of the titles on console itself.  However, since too many people did not own the Sega Saturn to the same extent as the Sony PlayStation or the Nintendo 64 there is a good chance many of them have no played a single on the game system either.    The Sega Saturn being too expensive in America is definitely one of the main reasons why Sega Genesis games are more memorable than the Sega Saturn .   If the Sega Saturn has marketed right and priced around the same range as the PS1 or the Nintendo 64 more people would have bought the console back in the 90’s and the games on the system itself might have became more popular.

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