What should the SNES Mini be priced at?

snes (1).jpg

The SNES Mini is something that many people around the world have been waiting to see.  This is especially true seeing how well received the NES Mini following its release back in November 2016. In terms of actual video games for the SNES Mini many people are looking forward to see 16 bit classics such as Super Metroid, Super Mario World and the Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past return. One of the many questions that people have in regard to the SNES Mini is how much will the console itself cost.  When it came down to the NES Mini Classic Edition the original .cost for the console was $180 which was actually a pretty decent price for a game system that has 30 pre installed titles on it.



While the standard version of the NES Mini was around $50-$60 in terms of price many people are hoping that the SNES Mini will also be priced around the same range.   However, the SNES Mini will have better graphics since its a 16 bit console which could possibly mean that it could  cost a little more than the NES Mini.    Right now, its too early to  tell what the price is going to be for the SNES Mini but hopefully it will be around the same range as the SNES Mini when it was first released back in 2016.

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