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Could the Street Fighter Alpha series have worked on the N64?

Street Fighter Alpha 2

It was actually surprising to see that there were no Street Fighter Alpha games for the Nintendo 64 since they were all featured on the Sony PlayStation.  The last Street Fighter game to have been featured on a Nintendo console was Street Fighter Alpha 2 which was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1996.   The quality for the PS1 version Street Fighter Alpha 2 was obviously more superior than the SNES version considering the fact that one of the consoles ran 32 bit games while the other did 16 bit titles.  The fact that Capcom was able to release Street Fighter Alpha 2 for the SNES but no games for the N64 was something that many people found puzzling.  Not only was the Nintendo 64 supposed to be a stronger game console than the PS1 but it was also released the same year that Street Fighter Alpha 2 was released as well.


Since the original Sony PlayStation console was a 32 bit console some people would probably question on whether or not Street Fighter Alpha 3 would have ran better on the Nintendo 64 which was a 64 bit game system.  If the N64 had better 3D graphics than the Sony PlayStation then running 2D titles on the Nintendo 64 would have been no problem.  The idea of having Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Nintendo 64 would have been especially appealing to gamers considering the fact most N64 did not include lengthy loading screens.

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