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Was Grand Theft Auto Vice City better than the Scarface game?

Gran Theft Auto Vice City.jpg

When it came down to third person shooter games the 00’s was probably one of the best times in the gaming industry to be a huge fan of genre.  When Grand Theft Auto Vice City became popular on consoles such as the PlayStation 2 and Xbox  many people began to draw comparisons between the game and the movie Scarface which was released back in 1983.  When it comes down to the movie Scarface and Grand Theft Auto Vice City there are many similarities including the fact that the timeline takes place in the 80’s.   While the timeline in the Grand Theft Auto Vice City takes place in the 80’s similar to Scarface the main character of the game seems somewhat similar to Tony Montana.   Both games had decent endings where the main protagonists Tommy Vercetti and Tony Montana kills the main antagonists Sosa and Sonny.   While both Tommy and Tony get everything they wanted in life when the game ends its sometimes hard for people to decide which game was better.

GTA Vice city

Since Grand Theft Auto Vice City was released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2002 it had managed to sell over 16 million units worldwide which is very impressive and speaks volumes on how cool the game is.  In fact, shortly after Grant Theft Auto: Vice City was released many people saw this title as Rockstar Game’s version of Scarface.  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City did a great job in mix elements of reality and fantasy to together to create something special.  The 80’s theme Grand Theft Auto game is sometimes regarded as being better than the Scarface video game itself which was developed by Radical Entertainment and released for various game consoles between 2006-2007.

scarface_the_world_is_yours ss2

While the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game did better than Scarface: The World is Yours in terms of worldwide sales many people still enjoyed the video game movie that was released in the mid 00’s.  Not only was the gameplay fast paced and intense but there were some cool lines from movie that was included in some of the action scenes when it came down to killing off Sosa’s hencemen.    Also, the ending for the game was different from Scarface the movie since Tony Montana takes out Sosa in the end as opposed to being assassinated by his henchmen for allegedly double crossing him in movie.  The ending for Scarface the World is Yours was arguably better than the movie due to the exclusion of a tragic ending.   But when it comes down to which game was better between Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Scarface the World is Yours its kinda tough to choose on which game was better.

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