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Did the Scarface game have a better ending than the movie?


Scarface was definitely one of the best movies of the 80’s and since its release the film had developed a cult following in America.  When many people look at the movie itself especially the ending they believe that protagonist’s demise was tragic.  Tony Montana who was assisnated by Sosa men lost his life because he did everything in his power to avoid killing a man his boss wanted dead.  

Scarface (1).jpg

If Tony Montana had decided to kill the person Sosa wanted dead he would have ended up killing an innocent woman and children in the process.  Sosa and his henchmen had no problem taking out his target’s family.  But the decision that Tony Montana made not to follow Sosa’s order was probably the main part in the entire movie where he showed himself to be a hero. Throughout, the entire movie Tony Montana was depicted mostly as an antihero.

scarface (2)

Despite, the fact that Tona Montana was a drug dealer/hitman many people would argue that he was one of the few characters in the movie with somewhat a moral compass despite become increasingly paranoid towards the end of the movie prior to his demise.  In the video game Scarface the World is Yours Tona Montana kills Sosa and a majority of his henchmen.  When we look at original ending of Scarface and the alternate ending of the video game the second seemed much better.  While the second ending sees Tony Montana surviving his affair with Sosa the original ending seemed far more depressing.  But then again, if the Scarface movie had the alternate video game ending in the original film it probably would not as successful as it was back in the 80’s and even to this day.

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